The Somali Observatory for Humanitarian Action (SoOHA) welcomes the contributions of researchers and specialists on subjects that fall within the scope of the Observatory’s concerns, primarily relating to everything related to the observing and analysis of the Somali humanitarian landscape.

Conditions of Research Contributions:

  • The work to be published in SOHA must meet the required scientific conditions.
  • The material sent should be new and has not been published in other research or media sites.
  • SOHA has the exclusive rights to publish the approved material if approved for publication.
  • The writer must be aware that he/she will not receive any financial compensation for his/her contribution.

To participate:

Please send your work via email: somaliobservatory@gmail.com

To Communicate with the Management:

Please send your letters to the ِadministration through callcenter@sooha.org or somaliobservatory@gmail.com