Somalia’s humanitarian situation

Background Information There were droughts in the country in 1 9 91/ 92.That was called ‘Cagabarar’. There were also droughts and famines in 2011/12. In this, some quarter million people died. There were also some natural calamities such as Elnino [1998] and Lanina. There were also typhoons in Somalia such …

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On the Covid-19 frontline in Mog..

We want to inform the Somali people that today, March 16, 2020, we can confirm the first case of coronavirus in the country,” said Somalia’s health minister, Fawziya Abikar, in a televised statement. Suddenly, panic set in. Now the virus was real and on our shores. For years, Somalia has …

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Coronavirus: Public information will save lives in Somalia

The Federal Government of Somalia has been proactive in addressing the coronavirus and, like everywhere else in the world, there are meetings after meetings on this global issue. A facility has been identified for quarantining and treating the victims of the virus and schools and universities have been ordered to …

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Climate change: A major global threat

The climate change, that is, the change of the global climate and in particular the changes in meteorological conditions that extend on a large time scale, is a major global existential threat.  The greenhouse effect causes the increase of temperature of the planet primarily due to the tremendous increase in …

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