Saturday , 8 August 2020


Somalia and UN sign accord to strengthen efforts to preserve culture and improve education

MOGADISHU —  Somalia and the United Nations culture and education agency yesterday signed an agreement aimed at strengthening efforts to preserve the country’s cultural heritage and improve its educational sector. “Culture and education are vital for the country’s future. After years of conflict, they are vital to the human dimension …

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Water trucking saves desperate families in Galmudug villages

DUSMAREB (SoOHA) –  Drought-hit families in remote parts of Galgadud region have welcomed an emergency water trucking service that has saved them from having to move to other places in search of water.  The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has hired 200 tankers to deliver water to 1,480 badly affected families in eight villages:Shilin-Wayne, Burdir, Meygag, Lan-aduray, Qurar, Habasley, Laan-Marer and Ardo In …

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Save nature to save ourselves, UN report pleads

 PARIS (SoOHA) – Humanity is rapidly destroying the natural world upon which our prosperity — and ultimately our survival — depends, according to a landmark UN assessment of the state of Nature released Monday. Changes wrought by decades of pillaging and poisoning forests, oceans, soil and air threaten society “at …

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