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Who We Are

The Somali Observatory for Humanitarian Affairs (SoOHA) is a specialized, independent, non-profit media network that observes and follows up the Somali humanitarian scene, issues reports, and studies that describe problems and challenges, and sets appropriate solutions.

SoOHA was founded on 21 March 2018 at the initiative of the academic, media, and humanitarian activist Mr. Salah Abdullahi Sheikh Mohamed. SoOHA is based in Mogadishu.


SoOHA offers unique and reliable news, reports, interviews, and studies from the field for use in delivering a more effective humanitarian response.


SoOHA seeks to be the first source of all information related to humanitarian work in Somalia based on the principles and foundations of the media.


   The Somali Observatory for Humanitarian Affairs (SoOHA) aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Observe, document, and disseminate widely humanitarian practices in Somalia.
  • Inspiring and enriching the knowledge of practitioners and those interested in the field of humanitarian work and extending bridges of communication between them.
  • Provide a forum for dialogue to enhance mutual understanding and improve the performance of humanitarian organizations.
  • Issuing special reports and studies to contribute to the response to and prevention of humanitarian crises.
  • Improve the perspective of public opinion on humanitarian action and its positive and constructive effects.
  • Highlighting the marginalized category of victims of disasters and humanitarian crises.
  • Improve the situation of those affected by disasters and crises by improving the performance of humanitarian organizations as a whole.
  • Stimulate various humanitarian organizations and decision-makers to work on a more effective humanitarian response.
  • Providing advice to international and local community institutions to activate their role in relief and development.
  • Exchange information and experiences with networks, information platforms, and research centers with similar objectives and activities.
  • Participation in committees and task forces related to the work of “SoOHA”.
  • Rehabilitation and training of humanitarian activists in the preparation of reports and studies in the field of humanitarian work.

Mechanism of Action:

SoOHA relies on several means, including field research teams, humanitarian advisers, as well as delegates who monitor and monitor the current humanitarian situation in order to identify the suffering of those affected by crises caused by various disasters and make recommendations for dealing with humanitarian crises.

SoOHA is committed to working with media ethics and collaborates with networks, platforms, organizations, and centers working in the field of media and humanitarian work in Somalia, the Arab world, and the world, in line with its goals and aspirations.