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What is the solution for recurrent floods in Belet Weyne city?!

The town of Belet Weyn experiencing repeatedly worst flooding and thousands of families displaced from the city in each year, the floods disturbed the normal life of the residents, the major business of the city is in bog down situation while the workforce who basically relied on the wage-earning from daily actives are in the humanitarian ground. Every Somali citizen looking for an answer and questioning himself what are the reasons behind the repeated floods of the capital city of Hiiraan province and what is the solution?

To my knowledge, we can categories the reasons results this repeatedly floods of belet weyn city. First, the Italian colony inhabited and built a place which is farmland where unsuited totally to inhabit. The second reason is the banking soil of the river’s water run ground and The third reason is mismanagement and irresponsibility of the administration particularly Hirshabelle State and unawareness of the society, including businessmen/women, elders, and elites, because of their mindsets of 𝗗𝗼n’𝘁 𝗖𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗠𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘁𝘆.

The floods in Belet weyn impact the economic life activities, thousands of families displaced the city each year, this floods beginning from 1961, a year after Somalia’s independence.

The heavy rains in Ethiopia are the cause of the worst flooding in Somalia. In 2018 Save the children’s report estimated, the people effected the floods are 772,000 people and displaced from their homes, the estimated number is almost close to million, based on the previous statistical estimate and the expectation of this year could be the same or more because of the increasing migrated people from rural to urban.

Belet weyn floods result in the destruction of buildings and infrastructures such as roads, it also destroys the planted seeds of the farms.  The merchant trade and daily economic activities of the city get stuck and many families’ life is at risk because of food insecurity, lack of hygienic water and diseases.

Call for a humanitarian emergency is important during this tough time but it is not a durable salutation. Since the city highly needs, a durable solution to this repeating floods, these two important recommendations can be the solution:

1-  Working closely the elders, elites, diaspora community originally from the region and businessmen/women with help of central government and international non-profit organization to do either relocating the city from this farmland place and locating between Ceel-jaale and Genta mountain.

2- The government and the people of the city to build water tunnels which takes the water outside the city during the floods.


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