Saturday , 8 August 2020

Liban Obsiye

Chief Policy Coordinator. Ministry of Finance . The Federal Republic of Somalia.

Somali graduates must be skilled up

Somali graduates are proud, inquisitive and, in many cases, innovative. They are certainly ambitious and should be confident about their future in a country blessed with so much natural resources and potential.   Yet, at the best of times, there is a tragic disconnect between the jobs available and the …

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Somali students must think !

Somalis everywhere value education. Every parent wants a genius child who will be a triple PhD and the President of Somalia one day. This is very unlikely for the majority of us but for those who can do this, there should be no dampening their spirits. Go for it. If, like me, …

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Turkey’s growing soft power at display in Somalia

Ever since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first visit to Somalia in 2011, when he was Turkey’s prime minister, the relations between Somalia and Turkey has blossomed and strengthened. The two countries started regular high-level discussions, exchange of delegations and cooperation in international forums, including the United Nations. Turkey, no doubt, …

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