Friday , 14 August 2020

133 Somali nationals evacuated to Somalia

ENTEBBE — At least  133 Somali nationals have been repatriated to Somalia after being stranded in Uganda for close to three months when flights were suspended after the breakout of coronavirus pandemic.

The group is part of the 400 Somalia nationals who have so far been evacuated by their government out of Uganda since the outbreak of the deadly disease.

The majority of the evacuees who were repatriated on Saturday are students studying in various universities in Uganda.

Others who traveled aboard a chartered plane were visitors, tourists, and business people.

Somalia’s acting ambassador to Uganda, Mr. Ali Mohamed thanked Uganda for clearing the team to travel given the existing lockdown and ban on international passenger flights.

“All those leaving Uganda for Somali have duly been checked and found to be negative for COVID-19,” he said.

Source: Daily Monitor            Origin: View original

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